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public. some photographs of some of the bomb residue that was found on the street a quarter mile behind us here, that is circulating throughout the law enforcement community. and the public, for that matter as well. that's the latest on the boston bombings. and there is more breaking news here on the fox news channel, i'm bill hemmer and good evening. we will join the roiferl factor in a moment. but, first, fox news confirming police have arrested someone for mailing letters containing the deadly toxin ricin. those letters addressed to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker. we have learned the suspect is a man from tupelo, mississippi, a man with a long history of sending letters to lawmakers in washington. investigators say that early tests on those letters were positive. that mail never came close to the president or the senator for that matter. they set off alarms though in postal screening facilities away from the white house and away from chill. i want to start our coverage this hour now with mike emanuel who is live on
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capitol hill and there is a lot we can report now that we could not several hours ago. what do we have now. >> that's right, bill. we can tell you the man's name is kenneth curtis, he is from tupelo, mississippi. the arrest made we understand this evening unclear whether charges will be filed tonight or tomorrow and where they will be filed you better believe federal law enforcement and prosecutorial people talking about exactly how to proceed from this point. we know that these letters addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker, republican of mississippi were mailed from memphis, tennessee on april 8th. so last week there was no return address on them according to sources. they contain similar wording, including this quote to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. and both letters were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message.
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k.c. according to this arrest tonight may translate to kenneth curtis. of course, he has not been convicted of anything so far. but we are told last night by sources very carefully that arrest warrants may be issued today. they had a good idea that this guy came from the state of mississippi. was a frequent letter writer to federal officials here in washington so the tone of the letters did not surprise them. the contents of the letters testing positive, at least initially for ricin was a surprise. but the important news, the good news for people here on capitol hill who were terrorized by letters 12 years ago was the fact that essentially that these were captured, alarms went off at offsite facilities so these got nowhere close to the capital complex. nowhere close to the white house. nowhere close to the president of the united states or this republican senator roger wicker of mississippi, bill?
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>> bill: mike, thank you. i want to bring in greta van susteren. greta is a lawyer. investigated plenty of crimes. she is in the studio getting ready for "on the record" at 10:00 eastern time. what do you make of the quick movement on behalf of investigators? >> bill, i'm actually not surprise. the man looks a little bit touched. if indeed he is guilty, he did a very serious thing. he threatened the life of a president and of a u.s. senator. i don't know if there are any other letters out there. i'm not underestimating the seriousness of the crime. but the fact that he is hanging around washington. he is known probably to the fbi and the secret service. he signed his note with i am k.c. and i approve this message which is rather bizarre not to mention the signature he used his own initials assuming he is the one. i think it's pretty reasonable to assume that tonight. this is so predictable that they would have found him. he has probably made other contact with law enforcement. i suspect this is someone who has been known by law enforcement for some time. he may be one of the regular pests in washington that a lot of people that
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heckle members of congress that send letters. they get all sorts of weird things. the president gets some threats every single day. the former president did as well. the secret service is always feeling. this what made it different is it's ricin. ricin can be deadly. how did he get ricin? desend ricin to anybody else? anyone likely to it inhale that liesen? a lot more to do with the sweation investigation. i'm not surprised they made an arrest early. most people that commit crimes like this don't put their names or initials in the letter. they don't make themselves known. i'm not surprised about the arrest. i will tell you what the procedure is going to be. and this is very routine. is that once he has been arrested, he is taken for presentment. that will be tomorrow in the u.s. district court here in d.c. a bond will be set. i suspect there is going to be a bond that he can't possibly make because he has threatened the life of the president and the united states senator by sending ricin allegedly in a letter to them. he won't make bond. is he entitled to lawyer. a federal defender will be
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appointed to represent him. this is so routine, there are federal defender that have offices right next to the courthouse. and then he will go through the process where there will be a preliminary hearing about a week later. and the prosecution will present evidence, he will be held over and set for trial. that is the routine. this is what is so different about this is is that it is ricin. where did he get it? why did he do it? but the underlying crime of someone threatening the president, unfortunately, isn't that bizarre in this city, bill. >> bill: yeah. you make a lot of great points there. because the questions have not been entirely answered. but with anthrax, 12 years ago, you know the scare that went through the washington, new york, and the rest of the country. did you not know where that story was going. did you get a sense that the ricin story was building toward that? or what kind of attention was it given? our nation's capitol over the past 24 to 36 hours? >> well, we are not all new to this. you and i have gone through this before. i tell you thankly what i did, i made sure that, you know, we made -- our mail
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was properly, you know, kept off the property for a little bit. i asked about that. because we have gone through this. this is a fatal chemical if inhaled. so people took this seriously. these are field tests. we don't know for sure whether it's ricin. but it tested positive for field test so far. so everybody in this city took it very seriously. i suspect out of the city in regional offices members of congress. i somebody other news organizations did. everybody did take this seriously and should and should continue to because we don't know if there are other letters that are in the system that could somehow end up on one of our desk or in the u.s. capitol some place. so this is still going to be taken very seriously. but i think, at least people can -- i suspect that the fbi and the secret service know whether or not this is part of some broad conspiracy or if it's simply one man who had accessed to some ricin and that this sort of ends the -- at least the immediate harm except for the fact that there could be other letters in the system. right now a lot of unknowns
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and we are cautious. >> bill: yeah, and to that point, greta, back to mike emanuel. there is still a bit of drama in this, because we do not know and neither do the authorities there in washington, d.c. know whether or not there are more letters that could be received. now, to that point, what happens tonight? what happens tomorrow? what happens later in the week? >> well, bill, we have got some breaking news that we can bring to you right now. fox news can confirm that the ricin that was found in these envelopes was considered to be low grade and was not weapon niced. that according to a senior congressional source familiar with the inquiry into the letters. these letters that were sent to the president of the united states and to senator roger wicker, still on capitol hill today, we saw the hazmat suits were out. we saw hallways were cleared. any suspicious package dropped off, any suspicious letter that made it through the system to get into an office was checked and double-checked. and so we can expect more of that in the days ahead,
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bill. >> bill: all right, thank you, bill, low grade is the word we are getting here. i don't think it lessens the he severity of the story or the potential crime. you know, if the human being comes in contact with this ricin, it's poison. it can kill you and that was clearly the intent of the person who mailed it. >> greta: low grade is very serious. ricin is -- ricin is k. kill you. this is not weapon niced low great but it can still kill you. i'm not trying to underestimate the seriousness. what we will find tomorrow is this man is a rather bizarre character. most people when they threaten someone don't leave their initials on the threat unless they have got some, you know, unless there is something really wrong twhem. i suspect the real story to this man, is he probably a crank and one of the people who has threatened the president and a u.s. senator which we see in washington all the time. what we don't see is that it is being done with ricin, something that can kill you. but i think there is a lot more than that we are going to learn about this man tomorrow. i think for the most part, you know, the threat to the president is over. the threat to the u.s. senator is over. we just have to sort of
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clear out the system to make sure that there isn't any ricin that can somehow make its way to someone and harm someone tonight, tomorrow, the days to many corks bill. >> bill: thank you, greta. see you tonight at 10:00 eastern time "on the record" with greta van susteren and also miami mike emanuel. my colleague there on capitol hill working this story throughout the day. two significant stories we're watching tonight when there are developments on the ricin matter. we will bring them to you. with regard to boston, fast moving developments throughout the day. as you have been watching the coverage, some of that has played out in raw form here throughout the day. and if there is a briefing or some sort of statement, certainly we will bring that to you. at the moment, there is nothing on the schedules, which is different from only one hour ago. developments as they happen and they will. i'm bill hemmer, the o'reilly factor begins. are proven to be effective pain relievers. tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain. bayer advanced aspirin blocks pain at the site.
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>> in the impact segment tonight, it cannot be emphasized enough that three innocent people are dead because ever the terrorism in boston. 8-year-old martin richard, 23-year-old lulinzi and 29-year-old christie campbell. ms. campbell's mother said this. >> we have broken at the depths of our heart. she was a wonderful person. everybody that knew her loved her. she loved her -- she had a heart of gold. she was always smiling. you couldn't ask for a better daughter. i can't believe this has happened. >> and even while mrs. campbell was eulogizing her daughter, politics were being played. >> in this terrible situation, let's be very grateful that we had a
5:14 pm
well-funded functioning government. i never was as a member of congress one of the curators government, lower taxes, no tax cut would have helped us with this or will help us recover. this is very expensive. at a time like this, no one thinks about saving pennies. >> bill: unbelievable. now, we called barney frank who is no longer in congress. wanted him to come on the program but he said no and he was smart to say no because i would have yelled at him a lot more than i yelled at him last time for doing that. now. joining us from washington to react kate obenshain, a republican strategist and from los angeles kirsten powers, a fox news analyst. you know, i'm just about fed up with this politicizing the deaths of people like barney frank just did. i think it's a disgrace. kristen, you say? >> yeah. i don't think -- first of all the time something very bad. even setting that aside if you had said it next week,
5:15 pm
i'm not sure what the difference is because he is setting up a caricature of republicans. i'm a democrat but i at least can recognize that most republicans support funding police departments and the fbi. so this idea that somehow there is any republican arguing against having law enforcement being funded, it's not based in fact. so i'm not sure why it has to be politicized that way. >> bill: okay. you know barney frank, right? kirsten? >> i know who he is. i don't know him personally. >> you know who he is. you know what he does. he is a left wing bomb thrower. he always has been. i know -- i -- he went to harvard, frank is not a stupid man. is he pain head but he is not stupid. he knew exactly what the reaction was going to be when he said this he knew exactly what i was going to do tonight. >> i'm not sure with that. >> bill: really? >> i think this is a common
5:16 pm
thing that people a lot of democrats think and republicans think -- >> bill: you have a mother crying in boston. he knows that. and so. you shut up until the people are buried. >> yeah. well i agree with that i do think that he feels that he is helping because he thinks somehow. >> bill: i think barney frank is so damn as far as as far as narcissistic he thought about guys like me ripping him. i'm sure he will have his come back to the left wing web sites and tv shows that will run to him. did you hear what o'reilly said about you he is so as far as its i can he doesn't care about these people. >> he loves the fact that you are paying attention to him. that's exactly right.
5:17 pm
narcissist, they only recognize they are getting attention. they have no shame. no ability to feel repentance of any sort. but, one thing kirsten i think i heard you say something about republican does this as well. right now it's the democrats trying to score political points off of a national tragedy. you saw barney frank do it in the most bombastic idiotic manner but you also had steny hoyer doing it. this guy the house democratic chair caucus chair xavier bizcera saying the boston will have to make money awith a from children's immunization to pay for this. because of sequester. focus on the fact that americans came together and rallied to the cause. we have grieving people right now. we have villains out there on the loose. that's where the attention should be. these are elected or recently retired officials who have no business politicizing this. >> bill: it even gets worse when you get into the punditry, powers.
5:18 pm
this guy david zerotta indicated columnist. it's unbelievable. he hopes it's a right wing militian or nazi nut that did this so his agenda is not impacted by. this i'm just amazed. but you don't seem to be amazeds powers. maybe because you live with these people and you know what it is i don't know like this. nobody in my town acts this way. >> yeah. well, i know a lot of people who do. i think -- but here is the thing about david's column is that he laments that there are people who will take an attack by islamic radical and ascribe it to all muslims which of course is wrong. i don't know anybody on the panel here that would dispute that then he turns around and says i hope it was like a white neo nazi guy so we can smear all white men. doing exactly what he is criticizing. >> i think the hate in this
5:19 pm
country, kate, is out of control. the far left, we can't give them a pass but right now as you pointed out. kate. it's all coming from one precinct. i will give you the last word. >> it is coming from one precinct. it's the demonizing of people who disagreed on another issue that has nothing to do with the bombing. i hate to say it but we saw the president of the united states when it came to the victims of sandy hook do a very similar thing politicizing a national tragedy before we even had time tom. >> bill: to be fair to the president, whether you agree or not, an argument can be made, kate, that he was doing it in the interest of public safety. >> no you can't because nothing would have happen to save those babies. it was a political -- he was scoring political points. that's the part that concerns me. >> bill: that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. there is an argument that can be made by raising the gun issue that you are doing it for the interest of public safety. >> if it would have helped public safety. >> in frank and cerata they
5:20 pm
have no reason to do it and they did it any way. >> they were trying to score points. >> karl rove on the social implications of the boston terror attack. remember, everything changed after 9/11 in this country. will that happen again? and then we will take you back to boston to show you dramatic still pictures of the carnage that occurred on monday. those reports upcoming. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. all of our lives are changed after the terror attack on 9/11. airport travel never been the same. iraq war cost america dearly in blood and treasure. our national debt skyrocketed. of course, the boston terror attack is on a much smaller scale but will it effect how we all live? joining us from austin
5:24 pm
texas karl rove. do you know barney frank? >> yes. >> can you. >> one unpleasant person. >> bill: can you explain this to me? i know frank, but i think that -- i dislike him so much that my judgment may be clouded here. >> yeah. well, look, is he an idealogue and he is hyper partisan. so in a moment of national calamity his first incorporate distinct is not a conscience one. i just think it's how he operates is to try to find some way to say conservatives and republicans are bad and democrats and big government democrats are good. so, the first thing he says is a tax wouldn't have saved us from this. well, guess what a tax increase wouldn't have saved us either. you know, this is a terrorist attack on the soft underbelly on america. we have lots of soft targets like big sporting events, big gatherings of people, in concerts, for example. big gatherings of people doing their shopping like at the mall of america. and as a society, we are
5:25 pm
just going to have to learn to live with the fact that we do have those soft targets and the enemy is going to strike. >> bill: okay. but, see, it's more than that though. frank was a congressman from boston. his district wasn't in the marathon or where the people were killed. but he was close. so you have got a family grieving an 8-year-old boy. you have got a mother, you just saw her. and then here we go with, well, we don't want to cut taxes. and i'm saying to myself, who does this? >> well, if you have ever spent any time around barney frank, you know he has got very little empathy for other people. he is one of the most self-contained hyperpartisan, you know, big government liberals and he just -- everybody else, ordinary people, i just don't think he relates well to them. i don't think he understands how terrible that mother felt. how grief-stricken she was. >> bill: how could you not? >> well, because, look, if you ever seen him in a committee hearing?
5:26 pm
he is one of the most rude and obnoxious people. he has no human courtesy. he rants and raves. it's barney frank. you have to live with hill. again, i don't think he has empathy and relates well to ordinary people. the idea of who has not been touched in their heart by reading these reports of what happened in boston or hearing these voices of -- suffered a loss almost beyond belief or have suffered grievous wounds to their family members. it's horrifying and we all feel touched by it it but there are some people who when they see and hear that kind of thing immediately seek for a political opportunity. score an ideological point and that's just what he does. >> bill: all right. so when you look at the boston situation and you compare it to the 9/11 situation, which changed everybody's mind set, now, some people have snapped back. some people change and now they have changed back. but the nation will never be the same. do you see any element of that in boston? could that effect the nation in any concrete way going forward?
5:27 pm
>> i hope it doesn't cause us to change how we -- who we are and how we act. but i hope it does encourage people to recognize that america is filled with soft targets and it sounds pedestrian but if you see something suspicious, say something about it. you know, in our society, we have lots of places where terrorists of whatever stripe might like to attack if they just want to kill innocent life. a crowded mall. >> bill: sure. it is vulnerable to that. but we don't want to live in paranoia, either. >> no, we don't. we don't. but, look, there is a reasonable test here. somebody doing something suspicious and it just doesn't sound right, look right. say something to somebody. look, we have responsibility to care for each other. and after 9/11, frankly, it helped that americans came together and said, well, you know what? let me tell you about the guy who came to the air training program who didn't seem right.
5:28 pm
let me tell you about the people who checked into the hotel in portland, maine and it didn't seem right. those things matter. but you are right. we don't want to change the fundamental nature of who we are by reacting to this in such a way that they achieve victory. >> vigilance is what you are talking about and vigilance is always a good thing. all right, mr. rove. we appreciate it as always. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has been fielding calls on his national program about the terror attack. he will be here to tell us what he is hearing about the folks. an episode of the family bizarrely. that episode has been pulled from the internet because of sabotage. wait until you hear this. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. legdary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, as the city of boston recovers from the vicious attack. journalists are still busy chron cling the events. today was chaos up there. now one man in the middle of the situation is "boston globe" photographer john tomaky who was just yards away from the explosions and began photographing almost immediately. he joins us now from boston. so, set the scene. you are at the marathon, right? was that your assignment from the globe to take the marathon shots? >> i was there. this is my fifth year in a row covering the marathon from the finish line below. it was a normal race as they usually are. you know, i was right at the finish line covering the lead run ires, the
5:33 pm
winners and probably an hour and a half into the race we know we had the average people coming across the finish line. these are just your average runners, families, children. >> bill: you are looking for human interest stuff. >> yeah. >> bill: all of a sudden, bang! did you know right away this was a terror attack? >> i didn't know right away. you know, it's weird in boston sometimes have you manhole cover explosions. it was a loud explosion. the force kind of knocked me back a little bit. my camera went up. i just reacted instinctually as a photographer and i went forward. i didn't know until the second blast went off the seriousness of this. then you heard screams of oh my god. and my mind was thinking this has to be some type of explosion. this could be terrorism. >> you have the signature photo that was used on sports illustrate's cover. when you are taking these pictures and you know people are suffering and
5:34 pm
dying, what goes through your mind as a human being? not as a journalist but as a human being? >> that's a great question. i'm compassionate, emotional, just like anybody else. i tried not to interfere with the rescue workers. i try to be as, you know, as discreet as possible. in a situation like, this you just have to be there. you have to immerse yourself into that scene. you are the eyes for the world. i mean, this -- i was angry. did i everything i did to get beyond that barricade and be on the sidewalk and chronicle everything that was happening in front of me. i literally was walking through blood. i wasn't comfortable with being there and i don't wish that on anybody but i knew i had a job to do. >> bill: now, when you are confronted with somebody bleeding and injured, do you help them and then shoot and do all of that? i will tell you a story about what happened to me one time in a second. i want you to answer that question first. >> you know, another great
5:35 pm
question. right after it happened, i mean, you are at the finish line and whenever you are at the marathon there are so many emts and mayor medics and firefighters and police. they literally jumped over that barricade first in seconds. >> bill: they had it covered they didn't need you to do anything. i was in a situation one time in a war zone in argentina in the falklands where my photographer got run down and hit his head and was bleeding from the ear on the concrete and the army was chasing us. i had to make a decision and i dragged him off, you know, but at the same time i'm looking around and trying to do my job but i figure i had to get this guy out of there. because that was more important. but, in boston you are absolutely right so many people there because of that tent. when you have the marathon people can get hurt. there was a concentration that you didn't have to do it. final thing, 48 hours later, do you have a new perspective on this terror attack? or do you feel the same way you felt when you were
5:36 pm
right in the middle of it? >> the first thing i thought of when i got back to the globe, i don't probably want to cover the marathon again. i don't know if i can i mean, i'm there to cover a joyous occasion, it's a sporting event. somebody just destroyed the spirit of the event. i mean, if you saw all the flags from all the countries flying in the wind and everybody, you know, cheering on and it was joyous. to have that happy i can't express how i feel. 48 hours later i'm not sleeping well. i have those images of what i saw going through my mind. i will cope with it but i think there are people in worse situations that have to cope first. >> all right, john. you did a great job. you are going to win a number of awards for what you did. i know you didn't do it for that but your chron ling of chronic ling of the event very important for people to know.
5:37 pm
>> thank you. >> bill: it will be miller time. d man has been talking to people around the country will about the terror attack. miller is next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i am bill
5:41 pm
o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get to the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. miller, your daily radio syndicated program can you hear it from folks all over the country what are they saying to you? >> you know, i would say the most interesting tid bit i gleaned a woman who doesn't call a lot but comments a lot on the site. mary z fine boy who fought for us named andrew. she said the must interesting thing. you have to keep your ear to the ground because people have insights when she said the reason nobody is laying claim to this like they do in the past is because barack obama has proven himself so adetroit at targeted drone use that that's not the business to be in anymore laying claim to things. i believe our intelligence agencies have the equivalent of the maps of the stars homes of the preeminent terrorist organization. i don't think you wanted to be out there saying i did that in a world where like i said the president has
5:42 pm
upped, increased and is better at drone use. >> bill: that's an interesting comment. people are they sad? angry? generally speaking when they call you? what's the attitude? >> i would say if i had to play amateur shrink they are all angry but we live in a weird time where i don't know. i watched jesse watters yesterday. can you see a lot of machinations almost a root gold set to us tamping down what we assume to be our basic instincts which i still think of as common sense. everybody has a take on this. human beings do guess in the immediate wake of things. if you want to zip your guest inside, that's fine. if you want to say your guess outloud on what happened here, i don't view it as the worst crime against humanity. i find it interesting how hesitant we are just to feel like i would like to find out who did this and i wish they got killed. you know, you see a the lo of pima niewferg around
5:43 pm
that. >> bill: not yesterday though with watters, had you people go crucify the guy, beat him. and that. >> i saw a couple of those billy. you don't concur that there were a few people i watch with watters and they were kind of saying that's a loaded term. i wanted to say something real quickly about axelrod and the president's reaction to this. and i saw your saying that you were -- listen, i'm not -- this is no conspiracy thing. i don't dislike the president. but when i watch those two things back to back there are a couple interesting things there, bill. do you have one second? >> sure, go. it reminded me of tiger woods after the fact say saying that he moved the ball back in a couple yards in the masters and therefore stepping in it on day two when the president says any time bombs are used against innocence it's terrorism at that point day one becomes important to me in a vague way i just go wow, yesterday, you didn't say that and the second thing is when he said we want to find out who did
5:44 pm
this, and why they did this. i find why to be such a is you purr superfluous. fools errand. i want to know who did it and i want them to be brought to justice. there were a couple things there. lastly when axelrod said the president didn't want to use the word terrorist because everybody knows what that means these days, i think he was saying that what they mean is radical islamic terrorist. listen, when i say food stampecipie i mean food stamp recipients. i don't mean black people. when i say terrorist, i mean terrorist. i don't necessarily mean islamic terrorist. i want axelrod to do me the ultimate gesture and quit figuring out what mean. >> bill: excellent, miller. all right. i'm going to book a bolder fresher show in barney frank's block right in front of his house, all
5:45 pm
right? we'll get the crowd and they can watch it. after the show you and i are going to go to barney's house, drag him out and we can't do physical violence to him. that wouldn't be good. he is an old man. but we will scorn him. you and i will scorn him. >> listen. here's the thing about barney frank. sometimes i find that liberals in lieu of actual empathetic gestures, heart felt empathy, they turned it into an affair of their mind. they intellectually empathize with you. barney frank will tell it you everything he does is for the disenfranchised. the people under foot. and you just want to say can you start your empathy by just not being a jerk to the people you come across in your day-to-day life? can you take a moment and not be so arrogant about your inner voice that you bring it out immediately in the wake of a tragedy like this and tell us what you feel. be heart felt empathetic not head driven empathetic.
5:46 pm
>> bill: dennis miller, everybody. that was one of your best segments, everybody. >> i'm a young kid with a dream, billy. i'm a young kid with a dream. >> bill: we would like to thank everybody for making the bolder fresher shows unbelievably successful. all of them sold out. we have a few premium tickets for west bury long island june 1st. those tickets make great mother's and father's day boston terror attack. we will tell you why. actually, juliet huddy will do that in just a few moments. ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges
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5:49 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with a march 17th episode of the family guy. >> i'm bob costas here with boston marathon winner peter griffin. peter, how did you do it? [pressing buttons] >> damn phone is busted. maybe i dialed wrong. [cell phone buttons] >> that didn't happen in television. that was doctored by some online pinheads. they distorted that clip from the family guy and which is now pulling
5:50 pm
everything off the net. here to explain further juliet huddy. >> i mean, you know the way people are that was so just -- it's so ironic that that aired march 17th. two separate story lines in one show. >> how can they do it. >> because there are sick people out there. >> bill: no, no, no. you have this on saint patrick's day this family episode runs. family guy bobcats as it. that's erie enough. then they go in these internet geeks and they twisted it around. that's not what people saw on tv. >> no, no, no. they took two separate story lines in the same show, they spliced it together. >> bill: they spliced it together. >> and it does look very convincing. is he wearing -- he is wearing muslim garb. >> bill: how can you do that? >> like technically how do you do that? >> bill: yeah. >> i don't know. i'm not savvy with with that. >> bill: they took it and put it up. >> you can do anything
5:51 pm
online. you can take anything and splice it down. you know that. it's easy to do that. >> bill: what kind of a person would do that. >> what kind of a person would blow up the boston marathon and kill innocent people? >> bill: that's a different situation. trying to, you know, capitalize in this way -- all right. we live in a very disturbing world. >> too easy of an opportunity for some sickos out there. >> bill: do you think that's disturbing? look at this. governor devol patrick having a press conference. roll the tape. >> attack take out some [inaudible] down the street? >> no. next question? >> damn good job getting your question to the governors and others. no doubt you shut down their press conferences. what you can tell us behind the scenes? >> i asked a question. i asked them again and they would not answer the question and i got the look of death from every federal agency that was there. the government officials, everything. and i knew right away i had
5:52 pm
to grab my camera quick as soon as the press conference is over. the woman gets on the stage at the press conference and everybody gives me the look of death. so i grabbed my equipment and i jetted right out of there. >> bill: that's not a joke. that's a real talk show host. and this idiot in the car and that they are saying it's an inside job. the u.s. government bombed the people in boston. >> the talk show host is alex jones. he is a conspiracy theorist. he has been on the air since day one. false. twisting it around to make it look like another entity really is the government. so sick. this guy is an idiot. people at the press conference totally ignored him. >> bill: i think this internet stuff with this access now that people have has made more crazy people because people who are border line crazy now go in there and become crazy.
5:53 pm
>> you can get your crazy opinion heard. this guy is on 60 stations, am, fm, on the internet. a lot of followers, a big web site. he is considered legit among the crazies. >> bill: there you go. juliet huddy, everybody. thank you. >> you ever welcome. >> bill: factor tip of the day. what americans watched on television immediately after the terror attack in boston. it's interesting. the tip right after these messages. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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5:55 pm
>> factor tip of the day. what did americans tune into right after the bombing? in a mommy. but we have a great mother's day gift for you. here's the deal. you can get a book you like, kennedy or lincoln, and give mom a book she'll like, and then after you finish reading, you can trade. how good is this?
5:56 pm
i also want to remind the premium members next monday at the:15 p.m. eastern time we will have a town hall meeting about my book "killing jesus." this is the first time i'll be speaking about the book so please remember to become a premium member. now the mail. >> anger rather than justice is a recipe for injustice but there are sound reasons for the death penalty and i respect those reasons, but i do not see the beth penalty as a day tent, nor do i believe the state should take a life if it doesn't have to. now, in war, personal defense, you have to. but convicted killers and other heinous criminals would be sentenced to hard labor for life. that's worth than death. they would also be isolated in prisoners not available to
5:57 pm
visitors. banished: >> karl, new york. >> the word is not precise enough in my opinion. describe from happened, karl, and i want predecision from the commander in chief. >> as a long time viewer, don, you should have listened more closely. i said the first couple paid their fair share to others. not to taxes. there's a difference. i would rather see more money go to private charities than things like solyndra. call me crazy. they paid their fair shares to others. >> from salt lake city, utah.
5:58 pm
>> good for you, tiffany. and i hope the pooches and your sister appreciate it. we have to live up to our potential and help everybody and be good. that was my tip yesterday. the factor tip of the day, television, very ruthless business. i'm ruthless. you know that. especially the news industry. competition is brutal. whenever a big story breaks like the boston bombing, it's interesting to see where americans go to get their news. on monday the factor ruled. almost 5 million people tuned into us at 8:00 p.m. we beat cnn by 63%, total audience. and we meet msnbc by an amazing 2967%. very great -- 297%. very gratifying for me. we want to be your source for news and we want you to trust us
5:59 pm
and we think we have earned that trust. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from also we would like you to spout off. plenty to talk about tonight for sure. o' name and town, name and town if you wish to opine from any town in the world. and the word of the day, do not be vacuous when you are opining. we appreciate you watching it. when a big

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